©NoseMe – from osmia suffix meaning “(condition of the) sense of smell – is committed to tackling anosmia, a condition where patients have lost their smell-ability. Though our societies tend to neglect this sense (see Times article by Asifa Majid) numerous studies point out at its influence on safety, food appreciation, social relationships, and through emotional aspects that are also related to the human structure of the brain – even mental health.

The NoseMe solution is designed to reignite the olfactory capabilities of patients via a clinically-proven innovative smelltraining program which facilitates adherence through a 6-12 month protocol.

The renown analytical innovatrice and persuasive designer Ilona Abena Owusu with post-graduate degrees in psychology (University of Mannheim, GER) as well as in Design for Interaction (TU Delft, NL)  went on a journey to create minimum valuable world peace – after tackling pride in people with dementia  from 2011-2014; she focusses on people who lost their sense of smell since 2015:

NoseMe got kicked off based on both the first-hand experience of Ilona as a patient with acquired viral anosmia and as a published expert in behavior change in health technology.

NoseMe, building up on the work of our key opinion leader Professor T. Hummel (Smell and Taste Center TU Dresden), resides in its novel ability to reactivate neural networks and its use of multimodal stimulations. Our innovation goes beyond the standard treatment as to date!

The data collected along the process will also be used for data science research purposes by our international medical and academic partners in order to improve future treatments based on the innovative nature of NoseMe in comparison to the current smelltraining guidelines.